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If you are considering beginning psychotherapy, then you must already have identified at least one area of your life that you would like to be different. Perhaps you are struggling in knowing how to improve your romantic life, certain family relationships, or your effectiveness in your career. Perhaps you want relief from persistent feelings of anxiety, or want to learn how to better manage stress and increase your emotional and physical well-being. Perhaps you would like to develop increased self-confidence, or a greater sense of optimism about fulfilling your heart's desire and achieving your life's goals.

In seeking psychotherapy you are demonstrating motivation and courage to undertake positive action to make the important changes you desire. Engaging in psychotherapy is an admirable, reflective and constructive way of supporting yourself as you seek to make your life more satisfying.

If previous efforts to make these changes have not resulted in meaningful, lasting improvements, don't be discouraged. It can be hard to change negative feelings or patterns, even with the support of family and friends. You might unknowingly have encountered inner roadblocks that opposed your best efforts to make your life happier.

Within a caring therapeutic relationship, I can help you identify the inner roadblocks underlying your problems, determine why they arose originally, and why they persist. Together, we can work to free you from negative feelings and patterns. By unlocking and supporting your unique, innate strengths we can help you feel good about yourself, and work to make tangible improvements in your daily life.

My expertise lies in utilizing the important advances of Inner Humanism in both Individual Psychotherapy and Couples Psychotherapy. I help people with a wide range of problems in four broad areas: unpleasant moods and feelings, unsatisfying relationships, career and educational problems (including work-life balance struggles), and unwanted behaviors and habits (including eating disorders). If you would like to read a fuller description of my approach, here is an article I have written that is published on this site, Create a Better Work-Life Balance and Enjoy a Happier Life.

When embarking on psychotherapy, it is not uncommon to have questions or experience concerns about what it will be like. Initially, some people are concerned that it might feel uncomfortable to discuss their problems with someone they are just getting to know. Be assured that I will be nonjudgmental in helping you, regardless of the nature of your problems. I will always welcome hearing and responding to any questions or concerns about your therapy, and your therapy will be individually tailored in response to your needs and goals.

You deserve the very best care. That is why I am devoted to providing the highest standard of care, personalized attention, and comfort within my private practice. I have been caring for Chicago area residents and professionals for over twenty years. My dedication to being an effective psychologist is backed by a deep commitment to professional development. In order to bring important advances to the care of each client in my practice, I have engaged in extensive, postdoctoral clinical training in Inner Humanism for the past seventeen years.

If you are wondering whether I can help you with the particular difficulties you are experiencing, we can arrange a confidential Complimentary Phone Consultation, with no obligation. I would be interested to hear about your specific problems and to answer any questions you have about my services.

Take the first step in making your life all you want it to be by setting up a consultation today. It would be my pleasure and privilege to help you as you seek to create the happiness you deserve.

For information on Dr. Walker's educational background, clinical training and experience, visit her Professional Bio.

For information, a Complimentary Phone Consultation, or to Schedule an Appointment, Contact Dr. Walker's Office at 312.654.8170